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People Driven Tech Transformation. One Roundabout at a Time.

Members include experts from incredible companies such as:

Facilitating free knowledge sharing across the London Tech Scene

trg.’s Roundabouts are designed to bring the tech community together. You can get involved with networking and learning opportunities and develop a collaborative mindset alongside leading tech professionals. You might even make some new friends along the way.

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People are built for connection
We exist to connect the people who are driving our industry forward
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Data Roundabout

Meet the community that’s built for data professionals and enthusiasts!

Data Roundabouts are hubs for data scientists to get together and talk about the latest tools and trends in a collaborative environment. You’ll also get networking time, refreshments and expert talks at each event, which are designed to help you progress your career.

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Engineering Roundabout

Welcome to the Engineering Roundabout community, where engineers and DevOps experts get together to drive the tech sector forward.

Our events feature interactive workshops, industry-leader panels, and insightful talks to share best practices and new techniques in software development. They also give you the opportunity to grow your career by meeting engineers and hiring managers from some of the biggest companies in the tech sector, all over a slice of pizza.

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HerStory is more than just an event; it’s a movement. It is your inclusive space to connect, inspire, and grow with fellow women in technology. We celebrate your achievements and offer a community to address challenges.

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Design Roundabout

Design Roundabouts brings together designers and creatives from across the tech industry to connect, learn, and collaborate.

Our events cover a range of topics, from UX/UI to product design to branding, giving tech professionals like you the tools to design the future. With plenty of different formats to learn in, like talks, panel discussions and hands-on workshops, the Roundabouts create a welcoming, diverse and inclusive environment.

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Agile Roundabout

Join a dynamic group of tech professionals at a Roundabout event to learn about the latest strategies for agile working and software delivery.

We get together to share best practices, learn from industry leaders, and collaborate on innovative solutions. With presentations, workshops and panel discussions to learn from, there’s something here for everyone.

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Partner your company with trg. roundabout’s and host!

Partner with trg. and tap into ‘The Roundabouts’ – our popular tech meet-ups that bring together over 15,500 members across areas like Agile, JavaScript, JVM Technologies, Testing, UX, and DevOps. Share your team’s solutions to tech challenges, and you’ll not only resonate with keen learners but may also find potential team members. And here’s the best part: if an event attendee applies to work for you, there’s no recruitment fee. Join us and let’s make tech even more collaborative!

Join leading companies such as:

Why become a partner?

Access to top talent

Host a Roundabout to engage with a diverse pool of tech professionals in Agile, Data, Design, Product, and Engineering, making it easier than ever to meet your next hire organically.

Brand visibility

Highlight your company’s innovations, products, and services to a targeted audience, driving interest in future collaborations and job applications.

Customised engagement

Tailor your Roundabout partnership to meet specific business goals, whether you’re looking for increased brand awareness, new market insights or help with talent acquisition.

Lead generation

Gain valuable insights into industry trends and innovations through conversations with a diverse group of professionals, then generate high-quality content that creates new leads.

Thought leadership

Position your company as an industry leader by showcasing your leadership team’s insights through Roundabout talks and panels, then creating and sharing content from the event.


Build long-term relationships with key players in the industry, even when they aren’t looking to change jobs.


Who runs The Roundabouts?
trg. Recruitment
Who can go to a Roundabout event?
Anyone, but they are designed for tech professionals (or aspiring techies), so that’s who will get the most out of them.
Can I speak at a Roundabout? How can I apply to be a speaker?
Of course simply fill in the form here and we'll get in touch apply to be a speaker
Are The Roundabouts events free to attend?
Yes, all you need to do is sign up to let us know who’s coming.
How can I register for an event?
Via Meetup
Can I participate virtually if I can’t attend in person?
Unfortunately, we can’t offer virtual attendance, but most of the talks are uploaded to our YouTube channel, so you can catch up on them at any time.
How often are The Roundabouts held?
Roughly once a month.
Is there a mailing list I can join for updates?
Yes, you can sign up here.
Are there networking opportunities at the events?
Absolutely! Most of our events start with approximately an hour of networking time when you can settle in with some snacks and get to know each other.
Are meals or refreshments provided at the events?
Yes - we include Halal, vegan and gluten-free options for each event.
Can I bring a guest to the event?
Bring as many people as you want, as long as they RSVP! Each person needs to register for the event on Meetup.
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With connections across Europe, we can help you find the best talent for your location-specific needs.

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