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AI is rapidly changing the way we work, and it’s all built on data. To help you meet this rising need for data specialists, we’ve created a community of professionals who regularly meet to share knowledge and daily developments, putting them at the forefront of data within the tech industry. Hiring through trg. will give you access to leading data experts who are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

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Bryn Edwards
Rob Dawson
Joining the company as a trainee recruiter over 10 years ago, Rob is now our Managing Data Consultant and a Director of trg. Besides Rob’s huge success as a consultant, he really is a man of many talents. He’s a skilled baker – his speciality being chocolate sourdough, trust us it’s as delicious as it sounds. He also loves to keep fit, playing 5 a side football every week and cycling as much as he can. He enjoys visiting the Opera, socialising, and trying to convert everyone to support his beloved Wales football team (he’s only been trying for 10 years – we’re sure he’ll get there someday…) Reach out to Rob today to discuss any open opportunities he might have for you.
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