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Technology relies on the people that use it, meaning that users can make or break a product. Having creative designers and user experience specialists on your team will transform your product from average to outstanding by creating a sleek, functional and easy-to-use interface. You can access the best design and UX talent by tapping into the Roundabouts community at trg. rapidly filling your roles with engaged candidates.  

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Diogo Cruz
Diogo is one of our Associate Consultants, and an amazing addition to the team. Originally from Portugal, Diogo (luckily for us) decided to move to London during the pandemic and we were quick to snap him up. Before working with trg., Diogo was a man of many talents, between working in a bike workshop and becoming the lead mechanic, copywriting for clients in cryptocurrency, and a talented barista for a Portuguese pastry shop, his list of skills are endless. In Diogo’s spare time, he likes to play video games and is very interested in politics, loves to play his guitar and ukulele and wander around London’s beautiful parks, Hampstead Heath to be his favourite.   Reach out to Diogo today to discuss any open opportunities he might have for you.
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