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Facilitating free knowledge sharing across the London tech scene

trg.’s Roundabouts are designed to bring the tech community together. You can get involved with networking and learning opportunities and develop a collaborative mindset alongside leading tech professionals. You might even make some new friends along the way.


Providing a richly varied learning environment

From workshops and live coding sessions to panel discussions and roundtables, no two Roundabouts are the same. Each event is tailored to a specific tech sector and offers attendees the opportunity to learn in a way that suits them. Whether you’re attending to hear from a keynote speaker or are joining us to learn more about a certain topic, we guarantee you’ll benefit from our Roundabouts – all without being sold to by corporate sponsors or sleazy sales-people

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What our community say
Head of Product
“The talks were a unique take on what it means to be agile - which is refreshing.”
Account Manager
“Really informative and great to see a lot of different perspectives for customers and employees, which will help the industry shape better innovations for the future.”
Senior Scrum Master
“Very insightful! I came here to understand the perspectives from different leaders, and hear case studies...I feel very confident utilising Agile...”
Head of Digital Transformation
“These topics are important and it’s nice to be in an environment where I can learn from others, ask questions and be part of a community.”
Software Engineer
“Such great speakers! I genuinely feel I can practice what was being said at my work.”
Senior Software Engineer
“I’ve never come to these events before, and today was my first time. I didn’t expect to have so much fun and learn a lot!! Thank you! I will be coming to more of your events.”
Head of Engineering
“They were all brilliant. Phil’s humour, Dave’s charisma, and Jennifer’s coolness. Great team, bonded well and made for an engaging session.”


Partner your company with trg. roundabout’s and host!

Partner with trg. and tap into ‘The Roundabouts’ – our popular tech meet-ups that bring together over 15,500 members across areas like Agile, JavaScript, JVM Technologies, Testing, UX, and DevOps. Share your team’s solutions to tech challenges, and you’ll not only resonate with keen learners but may also find potential team members. And here’s the best part: if an event attendee applies to work for you, there’s no recruitment fee. Join us and let’s make tech even more collaborative!

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