WHY trg.

The recruiting landscape has changed. Managers and talent acquisition teams demand more than the status quo. trg. has evolved to deliver just that.

Market Specialisation

trg. focus exclusively on building tech teams in the area of Agile development. We don’t do anything else as we don’t want to dilute our service value. We focus on team members that build software, applications and for web. We know it and we know it well. It’s both our strength and our passion.

Social Recruiting

We are tuned into all active types of social candidate attraction in order to find our clients the best technical talent. But not only for that reason. We are actively involved with key tech communities, participating in market events and ensuring we share and gain industry knowledge for the benefit of all.

Delivery Focused

One thing that has remained since our very formation is our relentless commitment to delivery. We will leave no stone unturned whilst we look for the people you need. We want to be known as the tech agency that delivers every time – it really is that simple.



trg. has a number of propositions which sets it aside from your average agency, all surrounding:


  • Community led recruitment
  • Relentless customer commitment
  • Delivery focussed
  • Passive candidate focus
  • Specialist Agile Development
  • Lifecycle specialist
  • Continual improvement