Technical Lead - Polyglot, Agile, Best Practices

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Technical Lead – Polyglot, Agile, Best Practices

What came first the chicken or the egg?  This is just one complex question you’ll need to solve in this role. This company are changing their image and hiring engineers and tech leads. Which one of them will come first? That’s easier to answer, the tech lead is building this from scratchings, You’ll be breeding a team of talented engineers but that isn’t all.  

Imagine this, there’s no tech stock! You’ll have to decide where the direction is, what tech is best for when. There are applications, all built offshore, however they want to build them again, this time from their London coop.

It’s the three D’s that are key here, designing, developing and deploying. That’s the job, you’re an advocate of TDD and push best practices, that’s how your team will work. You love tech as well and are often reading and keeping up to date with the latest releases. You’re not an ideologue wedded to one technology, you’re open minded and a bit of a polyglot, you just get it, some tech is better suited to certain situations than other.

You want to shape it in your own vision, you’ll keep stakeholders fully up to date with what is going on whilst remaining hands-on

Equally as important as the tech is the purpose you have in life, imagine being one of the first people at ASOS? You’d have changed an industry, this industry remains pretty much untouched by tech so you cn be a disruptor! Right at the beginning of it all, an industry that needs to embrace tech, this company are finally doing it.

Morales matter to you as well, do you just want to build software for the sake of profit or do you want to be somewhere that believes in social mobility and helping the unskilled get jobs and improve their lives! 

Sounds like you? If so then let’s have a further chat. No CV is necessary right now.
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