Technical Architect (Hands-on Coding)

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You’re bloody smart and you want to be somewhere where it’s reflected, and you feel challenged. You have great academics; solve problems and you could cause some real damage if you turned your mind to evil.

However you want a life don’t you? All the companies that seem to offer you the difficult challenges you desire always seem to want you to work stupid hours. Yes I’m talking about investment banks and start-ups. On top of that, there is a strong risk factor with start-ups in such a volatile market!

Your luck is about to change! Now you can work somewhere with smart people around you, working for customers who would look fantastic on your CV but they’re not your direct employer so your work to life balance can be normal! 

You want to be pushed and you will be! The role entails the following

  • Commercial software development experience using Java & ideally JavaScript. 
  • Building Enterprise Systems
  • Combining deep technical knowledge with a customer facing role

On top of this they are working with up to date practices such as CI/CD, DevOps and Microservices architecture. At this level you can oush the boundaries and implement new ideas. You need to be a clear communicator and lead by example to the engineers in the team whilst also re-assuring the client and setting their expectation. 

Sound like you? No need for a CV at this early stage, just email me on and we can set up a chat

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