Software Engineer (Remote) - PHP, JavaScript

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Software Engineer (Remote) – PHP, JavaScript

You want to help other developers, that would fill you with pride and make you feel like you’re giving something back. Any product that does that would certainly interest you, wouldn’t it?

Imagine if on top of that you were working with people from 84 different countries? A mixture of cultures and languages, intriguing to say the least. How is this possible? Well it’s easy when you don’t have an office! This position is fully remote, you can be anywhere in the world and still work, you can build world class projects from your home, just make sure you are nicely set up to work from home and off you go. 

You can still meet your colleagues every so often, how does an all expenses paid for company trip to a different destination every year sound? You can have a chance to see the world!

On the back-end the core stack is PHP, if you have experience with that you could be right! JavaScript would be great as well and so would WordPress. most important is that you’re a good engineer who follows the right principles including TDD, Agile, CI and CD. 

Interested? Lets have a chat, no CV is necessary right now.

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