Software Engineer (Polyglot) - AWS, Kubernetes, Docker

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Software Engineer (Polyglot) – AWS, Kubernetes, Docker

What came first the chicken or the egg? Who knows but what came first in this company is their success, however the world is ever changing and those that don’t embrace it get left behind no matter how successful they have been. 

You’ll know who they are, you’ve probably enjoyed their product on many occasions, they’re a name that will surprise you because you won’t associate them with tech. You won’t associate this industry of tech but that is the beauty of this opportunity, it’s a chance to not only improve the company but disrupt an industry untouched by technology. Imagine being part of the ASOS journey right at the beginning? This can be your ASOS

They’re a proud business who are still owned by the same people who started it just over 30 years ago. They want the business to be standing in 50 years so whilst they’re highly profitable the plan is long term, that allows you to build things properly and make sure it’s of the highest quality before being rushed out of the door. They have 3 key platforms, one for in store, one for employees and one for customers. You might be thinking the customer platform is most important but no, the internal applications are just as important, they have thousands of employees, they take the time to train them and believe in contributing to social mobility by taking unskilled people and giving them a career path.

What is the tech? Well you need an appreciation for DevOps and the latest trends such as Kubernetes & Docker. Following an agile approach is important but they’re language agnostic. The stack could be Python, Golang, Java, C#, Node, Scala or anything else that is championed by the team and makes sense to go with. New features can be written in different languages to the existing application, it’s all about your engineering principles and your attitude. 

Is this a bit of you? Lets have a chat then.  No CV necessary at this stage.
0207 3828 107

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