Python Developer (Senior) - Python, AWS, JavaScript - Open to UK based remote

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When you look at companies to work for what is the most important thing to you? It’s making a difference to their customers, right? Having a direct impact! None of that back office or internal rubbish!

You also think to yourself does that company make a difference in general? Well yes it does, in-fact they are disruptor in the way Uber, AirBnB & Moonpig are. Completely changing the customer experience in this market.

You also want somewhere that has software engineering is at the heart of what they do, yep you guessed it again, that is the case here! The quality, scalability and maintainability of their software matters a lot to them so they want engineers equally passionate. They follow best practices within an Agile environment including pairing, CI/CD, TDD and code reviews.

So what will you actually be doing?

  • Build, test and deploy Python services as part of a multi-disciplinary product team
  • Fully test your services using unit, integration and functional level testing 
  • Continuously experiment, iterate and deliver on new product objectives

About you….

  • Python is your main software engineering language. You have also worked with JavaScript (Ideally React but Vue or Angular is fine)
  • You have good knowledge of the Flask framework or a similar framework where the skills are transferable
  • You have worked with Docker, Kubernetes & AWS (or a different Cloud based tech)

So do you want to create awesome software to give your customers an amazing experience?

Email me on to set up a chat! No CV needed at this point

*Please note that during Covid-19 you will not be forced to go into the office. However they plam on returning to the office at some point, with a flexible arrangement*

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