Java Developer (Senior) - Java 8, Spring, TDD, Microservices

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Java Developer (Senior) – Java 8, Spring, TDD, Microservices

What is the lifeblood of the economy? It isn’t big business, it’s the small business that employ most people, the small businesses that are the backbone. 

Monzo, Revolut, Starling, noticing a pattern here? All of them are “challenger” banks but what do they offer the small business? This product is tailored towards them, it’s a specialist service. not only that, they have already taken 1% of their market in just a year, in comparison Barclays have 7% so they aren’t doing badly! 1 in 12 new business accounts are with them and a new account is opened every 8 minutes! Anything else? Yes actually, they won a huge portion of the money RBS had to give away to new businesses as part of a government scheme when they were fined. They are going places! 

You’re an engineer who adheres to doing the right things, following best practices, believes that writing the test before you code is essential and takes pride in good quality code that other engineers can pick up. Your expertise is with Java 8, Spring and AWS. You have built Microservices and are looking for more greenfield projects moving into Java 11. You prefer an unstructured chaotic environment to the stability and unchallenging big corporate

in this role you are working on a banking platform rather than a bank, integrating the platform with companies such as AMEX & Worldpay to make their customers have access to everything they need in one place. On top of this you may work on the payments platform that deals directly with standing orders & direct debits or the members platform which is software built to deal with financial crime. 

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