Java Developer (Senior) - Java 8, Spring, TDD, Microservices

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Java Developer (Senior) – Java 8, Spring, TDD, Microservices

What is the lifeblood of the economy? It isn’t big business, it’s the small business that employ most people, the small businesses that are the backbone.

You’d provide a service to them to help them on their journey wouldn’t you? You can do now, if you take this job.

Monzo, Revolut, Starling, noticing a pattern here? All of them are “challenger” banks but what do they offer the small business? This product is tailored towards them, it’s a specialist service.

You’re an engineer who adheres to doing the right things, following best practices, believes that writing the test before you code is essential and takes pride in good quality code that other engineers can pick up. Your expertise is with Java 8, Spring and AWS. You have built Microservices and are looking for more greenfield projects. You prefer an u. nstructured chaotic environment to the stability and unchallenging big corporate

Interested? No CV is necessary right now, just a chat

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