Java Developer (Principal)

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You’re known as a genius, you solve problems no one else can see. You don’t enjoy the management aspect of getting more senior, you love to code and want to continue doing so!

For someone like you being engaged and continuing to have new things to work on is important. You contribute of your own accord and one team doesn’t own you, you drift through solving problems that others can’t!

If you were in a football team you’d have what they call a “free role” to work your magic and unlock defences. You provide architectural guidance & support but are also looking ahead & planning new approaches

You have experience of transforming business from legacy in-to modern architecture and have worked on complex distributed systems with multiple technology stacks. You have experience working with Java, building API’s and working with DevOps technologies such as Docker & Kubernetes.

You will:
– Be hands-on and making significant contributions to delivering outcomes.
– Work across the business on wider technical initiatives and strategy
– Continually look for how they can improve and evolve their technology, strategy, practises and processes.

You will need: 
– Previous experience of working in and across engineering teams as a Tech Lead, Architect or similar role.
– Hands-on experience in development of RESTful APIs and distributed systems that work at scale.
– Previous transformation delivery experience would be a big plus

Skills Needed:
– A polyglot set of languages, frameworks and technologies on which you can draw from your background of commercial experience with. 
– A high degree of emotional intelligence.
– Excellent Problem solving skills

Fancy yourself to be a maverick? Get in touch and email No CV is necessary at the moment. 

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