Java Developer - (Lead) Java 8, Spring, TDD, Microservices

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Java Developer (Lead) – Java 8, Spring, TDD, Microservices

Are you in or out? That’s the big question here. You thought quirky was only for Shoreditch, not anymore! We are bringing it to West London!

Picture yourself being able to pitch your ideas to the engineers in the business, this is how you are going to approach the problem, are you on board, who is inspired by you wand wants to join you on your journey? That’s what this is, good idea? Pitch it, problem? Solve it, think there’s a good engineer in the business you’d like to lead? Go and get convince them you’re the person to develop them. Weird isn’t it? But it is true at this company.

On top of all of that the work itself is just brilliant, why is it so good though? The engineering team are driven by customers, literally, the customer behaviour lets you know where to go with the product, this allows for experimentation, trying new things and seeing what happens, if the customers don’t like it, they’ll soon tell you! There’s no wasted project here, it is all a learning curve

They’re engineers here, first and foremost is principles behind the development, following best practices, SOLID principles, TDD and being collaborative. The tech is important, you’re. a Java developer but you’re open to other things, including the front-end with JavaScript.

Interested? Let’s have a chat.

No CV is necessary at this stage. If you want to find out a bit more just contact me          

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