Full-stack Developer (Senior) - Must be open to travel

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Full-stack Developer (Senior) – Must be open to travel

Transformers Go! If this is what you feel you should be hearing every morning then read on…

Greenfield work, transforming the entire technical projects, picking the stack so you can work with bleeding-edge tech, all sounds good doesn’t it?

There are no small projects here, this is working with some of the UK’s largest companies, all would look good on your CV. Imagine working for massive banks, tasked with helping them become more digital and competing with the likes of Monzo or Revolut? This is what you can do here!

You’re a pragmatist as well, you aren’t wedded to one tech and feel equally as comfortable on the back-end as the front-end. You communicate well and articulate your ideas to a non-technical audience

You’re agile focussed and follow test and behaviour driven development. High quality, clean maintainable code that someone else can pick up is key

The must haves are quite clear:

  • Java
  • Microservices, DevOps
  • JavaScript (ReactJS)

Sound like you? No need for a CV at this early stage, just email me on and we can set up a chat

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