Data Engineer - SQL, Python, ETL, Google Cloud, BigQuery, Hadoop

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Data Engineer – SQL, Python, ETL, Google Cloud, BigQuery, Hadoop

More data than anyone else in Europe…

With the data provided from over 2.5 billion downloads you’ll have plenty to play with in this role. Sitting in the Shared Tech team – your work will touch on every part of the business, so I hope you like variety!

From data warehousing & ETL with SQL to building data pipelines in Python and utilising the power of big data tools like Google Cloud & Hadoop, you’ll do it all. Add into the mix the fast-paced environment of a start-up and you get an idea of what this role is like. And it doesn’t stop there – if you have an ambition to become a Data Scientist, they’re gonna help you; if you’d like to become an Engineering Manager they’ll support & train you to get there.

The company know the importance of training, collaboration and transparency. They treat staff exceptionally well in terms of both the respect & autonomy provided but also with some awesome benefits such as a 20% bonus, flexible working and office to die for. The result is a big family of very happy employees who are all motivated behind the company’s ambitions and support each other without hesitation.

You don’t need a CV! Just give me a call on

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