Back-end Developer - Kotlin (commercial experience with Kotlin is not essential)

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Back-end Developer – JVM, Kotlin (commercial experience with Kotlin is not essential)

You believe in freedom of the individual. You don’t want people getting too heavily involved in your life, you want to live the way you think is righ and allow people to reach out to each other. So you’d prefer an environment at work that is similar, one that’s not as structured and a bit chaotic. It’s how you want to be in life in general.

Why? Because you’re a technologist, not an ideologue wedded to one tech. You’ve done back-end development in complex environments your whole career but are always looking to learn. You’ll dip in to areas of discomfort if it means benefiting the business but also benefiting yourself, building your skills.

The one thing you ask is that the company is up to date, they couldn’t be any more in tune with modern practices. They’re building an application for freedom, one that dispels centralization and connects people. You don’t toe the line; you want to be heard. You want to help others as well, build something that your fellow professionals can pick up and build on, you take pride in that.

Your background can be mixed with different languages or just one, all that matters is that you follow good practices. You may not have used it but Kotlin would interest you, and to have the chance to write code in such a modern language excites you but at the end of the day the tool isn’t the most important thing. You just want to build something that helps people and makes them freer.

This is you right? Let’s have a chat then. No CV necessary right now.
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